My name is Marita Šupe. For more than a decade I am woring as freelance tutor, consultant and translator. I have relevant experience in each of these areas. I am deeply involved in all my work, polyvalent and detailed-oriented. I always try to provide the best professional expertise I can through a positive communication, creativity, honesty and objectivity.

photo by M. Šalov

I lived in Croatia until 2019, when I moved to France, and I am declared an auto-entrepreneur in France since April 2020.

My passion for teaching and translations exists since I was a kid. I was absent from school due to my health issues, and I loved to help other kids in the hospital to study and read.

Since I had a few books on English, and some kids did not understand it, I would read them in the Croatian language. And I used to teach them English.

I love helping people, and I educated myself in three areas in which I am most passionate.

Registered: 04/01/2020 in Vénissieux, France

SIRET: 882 582 109 00014