I help consumer packaged goods companies optimize organizational performance to support their strategic and operational agendas.

Following several decades of successful global expansion, many consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies now find themselves managing a wide array of products, brands, categories, and channels. Many of them also serve diverse customer segments in multiple countries worldwide. As a result, their organizational structures tend to be more complex than companies in other industries. This also means that organizational excellence is an important source of competitive advantages for CPG companies.


I help CPG executives address key organizational issues, including organization design, human capital, merger management, and organizational insights. As part of my client service, I employ several proprietary tools and approaches.


I help clients make fundamental decisions about their organizations’ design, including enterprise-level structure, functional structure, management processes, decision rights, and roles and responsibilities.

Transformational change and capability building

I help clients achieve systematic and sustainable improvements in business performance, organizational health, and functional capabilities. I engage with executives to design the overall transformation approach, conduct diagnostics, establish concrete change initiatives, and lend implementation support. I also develop and conduct top-level client-learning programs to strengthen our clients’ leadership skills.


I work with clients to unleash the true potential of their people. I offer guidance on talent strategy development, excellence in talent management, and the establishment of a talent culture. I also engage with clients on workforce strategy and planning.

Merger management

I support clients considering a merger or an acquisition of preliminary planning, post-transaction integration, and capability building. I offer guidance on the definition of integration aspirations, the development of an adequate integration approach, and organizations and cultures’ alignment. I also help clients with integration execution and help them build capabilities for future transactions.

Organizational insights

I provide expertise and support for organizational research and information issues, diagnostic tools, survey design, and data analysis.


My private equity consulting offer is sustained by the many fields of expertise.


Private equity succeeds when portfolio companies succeed. What hangs in the balance, between initial investment and exit, is the question of whether the portfolio company can seize its opportunity — by refining its strategy, expanding and sharpening its operations, building its leadership team, and delivering profitable growth to support the desired outcome.


My engagements with portfolio companies draw on my extensive experience as a business consultant. I apply my core strategy development approaches to help portfolio companies refocus strategic direction and enhance growth.

On the operational side, I help executives re-engineer their core business processes, rationalize their manufacturing and support operations, and optimize the supply chain. I work with management teams to improve sales force effectiveness, optimize pricing, and reduce costs.


The ultimate goal for my private equity clients is a successful exit. I support them through my comprehensive vendor due diligence process.

My vendor due diligence support is designed to facilitate a well-structured and efficient sale through:

• Working with owners and management to craft a compelling investment thesis and narrative

• Early identification of potential “deal-breakers” and developing mitigation strategies to address potential buyers’ concerns

• Refining and strengthening management’s business plan

• Identifying new sources of potential “upside” for the business

• A comprehensive report for bidders and extracts for presentation and other communication

• Flexible support for questions from potential buyers and lenders

How I help?

At the heart of the process is our understanding of sector issues and key issues on bidders’ minds. To support clients, I:

• Provide an independent perspective on the relevant market prospects and the underlying growth drivers

• Assess the business appropriately in its competitive environment, drawing on its relative strengths

• Engage with market participants to position the business’s value proposition with customers 

• Review management’s business plan, which we can further develop and refine as needed

The result is a comprehensive report that speaks directly to the buy-side. It typically combines five modules – a business overview, a market review, a competitor analysis, an assessment of growth opportunities, and a detailed business plan review. What you get is a detailed look at the business’s potential — designed to meet the needs and allay the concerns of anyone weighing a decision to buy.

As a business advisor with the experience that ranges far beyond financial assessment, I provide the independent commercial insight and forward-looking estimates you need to support the optimal exit.



I help business services providers create a competitive advantage in a market focused on delivering exceptional service to end customers and attractive ROI to shareholders. The business services sector is exploiting opportunities driven by globalization, consolidation, and new technology. And new integrated offerings are forcing established players to develop scalable services that satisfy evolving regulatory and environmental standards. New technology platforms are also driving lower-cost models that are disruptive to incumbent businesses but provide new entrants and active players opportunities.

My business services help clients take advantage of attractive opportunities, develop innovative business models, and outperform their competitors. The sector is diverse, including professional services, education and training, support services, and outsourcing. Multinational organizations and specialist service providers need to analyze their critical performance drivers, evaluate contractual frameworks, and continue to evolve service offering strategies that can provide a competitive advantage.

Business Services

•  Outsourcing and Support Services


Advancements in technology and increasing globalization have contributed to the growth of business process outsourcing (BPO). Yet, these changes also present a new set of challenges. Increasingly, BPO is about shifting a range of internal activities, such as customer support/care, outbound telesales, IT support, billing, and transaction processing, to a specialized, focused, and scaled the third party — and the move to cloud technology is helping facilitate this trend.

Companies also have questions about the future of outsourcing and how reshoring trends are affecting the broader BPO industry. They are looking for the right growth strategy for their portfolios of services and questioning how best to respond to new outsourcing opportunities.

How I help?

I help outsourcing and support services companies develop innovative strategies to expand their addressable markets, increase market share, address new market opportunities, and realize their organizations’ potential. I have deep experience with clients across the sector, particularly in BPO and IT services.

I help clients identify new growth opportunities, develop new commercial business models, analyze acquisition opportunities and create winning new propositions.



Recruitment consultancies are constantly responding to the changing demands of today’s workplace, where specialist skill requirements, flexible working practices, and employment regulations combine with economic drivers to create a dynamic environment in which only those with the right business model and strategy will thrive.

Recruiting firms in the specialist and contracting markets need to build a sustainable position in the marketplace and develop flexible business models that facilitate growth while optimizing efficiency. I help recruiters identify and evaluate growth opportunities through acquisition and new service development, drawing on our sector experience and primary and secondary research to develop a detailed picture of market dynamics, customer buying strategies, and external factors that may influence performance.

• Mergers & Acquisitions

I advised corporate and private equity clients to create value from a business acquisition, combination, or separation. I also help clients plan joint ventures, alliances, and other alternative structures.

My approach is research-intensive, unbiased, and confidential. I combine data and financial analysis with industry knowledge to help you realize the true value of an opportunity.

I support your efforts through every stage of the transaction life-cycle:

Target identification

Find good companies to invest in. You’ll expand your options for potential M&A candidates and improve the odds of finding good opportunities that are off the radar of any other acquirer.

Due diligence

Look under the hood of your acquisition. Test and quantify the variables that inform the rest of the deal process and validate your theses’ critical assumptions. Along the way, you’ll get advance knowledge of key issues with the target company. You’ll also benefit from proprietary insight into the perspectives of key customers, suppliers, and competitors. 

Joint ventures & alliances

Team up under an alternative structure that works. Gain advanced knowledge of the partnership’s potential costs and benefits, plus a fact base for negotiations. You’ll also head off issues and misunderstandings with the decisions and buy-in you achieve upfront.

Post-merger integration

Creating a combination greater than the sum of its parts. Preparation is key to creating (and not destroying) value in integration.

Exit support

Plan for a fast, clean, and worthwhile break. Besides managing the risk of a sales transaction, you’ll position the business to flourish after a sale and realize the highest possible value from whatever divestitures you make. 

Organization & Performance

How a business is structured and operates is a key dimension of a successful strategy. Deploying the right core capabilities, optimizing their efficiency and effectiveness, and ensuring successful execution are critical success elements.