My approach to tutoring puts the student in control. I have made the process of signing-up for my learning program simple and straightforward, so my students can get down to the important business of learning as quickly as possible.

It starts by carrying out a free assessment. Once I have identified your learning needs I devise a personalized education plan to help monitor progress. You’re now ready to book a session at a time that suits you.

All-inclusive fees
The fees I quote include the total of everything you need to pay to the tutor.

There is no additional charge for my travel expenses — students are coming to the tutor and prices are calculated so that everyone has an opportunity to attend classes and succeed.

No strings attached
All the work I do comes with no strings attached: if you do not go ahead with me as your tutor, you will not need to pay anything. There is no minimum commitment, either — you can start by booking just a single hour.

Get in touch!
Tutoring ( English and Croatian): [email protected]

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