1. Brand name check

Simplified process 

I research and analyze your brand name and attributes. Then examine the results, congregate the data and provide you with my brand analysis summary report within one 1-2 weeks. 


I usually need as little as 1 week to complete a survey. 

Customized approach 

The set of questions can be customized according to your requirements. You can even use your own set of questions if you like.  

I offer a basic check which provides you with a quick assessment of your brand name accompanied by a short report.  


To receive a precise final report, I welcome you to provide me with details, such as a description of your business and the product or service you intend to market. If you have a list of potential brand names, I can check them all for you. 

To receive a customized free quote now, use my contact form or send an email to [email protected]

2. Proofreading  

Target text proofreading 
If you require only proofreading of your target text, this service is for you. The proofreader checks the target version for accuracy, consistency, grammar, style, and punctuation. There is no comparison with the source file, we only work with the target content. My proofreading service is performed by a native person with relevant experience. This service is quick and most cost-effective

3. Revision and Editing 

Comparison of the source and target documents 

The editing is carried out by a professional editor, who understands your subject matter. The editor compares the source and the translated file for grammar, accuracy, consistency, and style. 

4. Updating Your Documents 

Updating your documents and fixing existing issues 

You may already be aware of issues with previously translated documents and wish us to handle them professionally. We can change the structure of the text, correct ambiguous sectionsimplement new contentstylistic or grammatical changes to achieve consistency, clarity and produce a well-written and concisely organized document you would be happy with. 

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