A professional and seamless translation service is critical to your company’s success. Our goal is to help you establish and keep an upscale business profile by providing terminologically consistent and accurate professional translations in line with EN 15038.

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I offer a range of translation service levels catering to your translation needs:

Summary Translations
Draft Translations

Translation Quality

Quality Assurance of translations
Our quality assurance system complies with EN 15038, published by the European Committee for Standardization concerning translation-specific quality management.

Draft translations are low-cost professional translations at a reduced price and with a quick turnaround time. I recommend draft translations for company internal use and information purposes as opposed to publication or external distribution. The draft translation is intended for materials such as non-critical business correspondence, foreign-language articles, etc. You can also use draft translations to get a grasp of large volume content.

Get a free translation sample of up to 150 words – test our services for free before you order!

Draft translation does not include editing or proofreading by a second translator.

Expand to foreign markets and boost your revenue 

In today’s climate of globalization, translating your banking and finance products, services, marketing materials, and websites into foreign languages will push your business a few giant leaps forward. Our localization team of engineers and linguists with banking and finance translation backgrounds will help you boost your revenue by rendering your products and services linguistically and culturally relevant to the target markets. 

Localization in foreign languages demonstrates credibility, desire to work with other cultures, understanding, and recognition. It gives you a chance to gain significant exposure to your banking and finance products/services and to introduce them to millions of new potential clients and positively impact your revenue. You can contact us for a free banking and finance translation quote at any time. 

I translate: 

 • Marketing materials 

 • Product/service descriptions, sheets and catalogues 

 • Brochures 

 • Multimedia presentations 

 • Newsletters 

Business and Marketing Translations 

I am providing high-quality business and marketing translations. If you are launching a new product or service, you can take advantage of my tailored translation processes that cater to your needs. 

Get a free business and marketing translation sample of up to 300 words – test our services for free before you order! 

I understand that a precise and error-free translation is crucial to your business. Whether you are launching a new campaign, creating brochures and manuals for new products or services, I am here to help you reach your target audience.

Turnaround times

The turnaround times depend on the linguistic service level, language combinations(s), and file types.

Generally, I translate 2500 words per language pair in 24 hours for my draft translation service. A project comprising of 10000 words will normally take 5 working days to complete. The deadline heavily depends on the nature of the text, level of the service, and source file formats.

For large volumes the turnaround time is negotiable.

Express Service

I offer express 24 hours service and have the capacity to handle large urgent projects at a turnaround time that will exceed your expectations. For details on the volumes I can handle, please click here.

Note: I start counting from after the day I receive a particular document. Thus, if you send me your files on Tuesday and I estimate that I need 2 days to complete your order, you will receive your translation on Thursday by the end of the day.

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